Liberty Island

by Skywalker



“If there is a place where we truly feel safe and free, it is music.
Music is our Liberty Island.”


released June 1, 2014

All songs recorded and produced by Skywalker, mixed and mastered
by Damián Kučera at Atelier – produkční a nahrávací studio, Prague,
CZ 2014. Cover design by Pavel Eder. © 2014 Jiný břeh.


all rights reserved




Post-hardcore outlet combining heavy riffs, crushing breakdowns, and sweet melodies with honest and personal lyricism.

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Track Name: Island
Everyone needs a place to be. And that is music to me.
My place, a sacred haven. Just like it has always been.
Is this life swallowing me?
Where do you go when everything's a mess?
What do you do when everything's a mess?
How do you cope with everything amiss?
This is my life where everything's a mess.
I seek reassurence, guidance, a direction.
Because without music, what am I? A reflection.
This life is swallowing me.
You wanna say that I have changed? Who the fuck are you?
This is my life where everything's a mess.
Track Name: Shere Khan (feat. Lukemo of Clou)
Don't make me sleep till it's over
I wanna be a part of this world.
Every fall makes me stronger 'cause
giving up was never an option.
This world won't break me,
This world will never break me down.
This world can't break me.
I still hope and try to believe.
But when everything I love turns to dust,
I try to turn my mind to the ones I trust.
I never thought I would get this far,
I never thought I wouldn't take anymore,
now I spend my nights staring at the ceiling.
Thinking 'bout my life trying to catch a meaning.
Track Name: Decadence
What makes us so different?
What makes us who we are?
I won't put judgement on your race, faith or anything.
So do not make hell of my life.
You've placed your life in your debt, and that's a lie.
You build a wall, build a wall again.
Where we can't just be friends.
You break the heard, break the mind again.
Insert financial plans.
Spare my father and let him go home to his family.
It's not fair to ruin our lives.
Don't break people through money. Don't create dreams of happiness.
You made them fall apart.
Look at me, you can't understand me. That's what you think.
I'm a renegade - dangerous 'cause I was made to take us to the brink.
Where you open your eyes for the first time, and let your heart see.
It seems that we don't have anything in common.
But this time I'm not your enemy.
Track Name: Pythons
What would you say if we could talk like friends.
Should I rejoice or be afraid?
Would you scream into my face or drop me a line?
I'd love you till the day I die for a direction in my life.
Would you say that I was righteous,
that I'd always seen your purpose?
Or is this about me and I'm filled with myself?
Or would there be nothing to tell?
Home. I wanna be brought home.
I am scared of this world, yes I am.
A broken shell of a very broken man.
If you know me as they say, you can tell.
Let me know that you care if you can.
Track Name: Jelly School
I run around when something's going down.
I'm catching sounds, she's waiting for a sign.
We're getting close at the point we're getting far.
If there's a heart inside my chest, it's torn apart.
she said:
Mind the water baby, cuz you may drown, you may drown.
I am water baby, and you may drown, you may drown.
I watch the dove, dropping under love
that she brings when she spreads her wings.
Because I only ever love what she brings,
suddenly I hate summer and spring.
I said:
I got lost inside you,
cuz I have drown, I have drown.
Let me die inside you,
let me drown, yeah, let me drown.
Track Name: Survival
She's screaming: Let me out. This place is cursed.
Can't even imagine how it could be worse.
Beaten up, she's all black & blue.
The scar, the bruise, she can't get through.
How do we let this happen?
An eye for an eye has turned the whole world blind.
You're all fighting for your own survival.
I understand your concern - survival.
But have got your hearts stuck to survival.
Do not let your whole life become survival.
Now everybody is an enemy
that he sees with his bloodshot eyes.
He needs to beat and beat then.
That way he'll reach the sky.
Man, how did this happen to you?
No matter what they say,
you don't have to play their game.
I refuse to let my limbs become tools of hatred.
This is not cowardice for I'm not standing defenseless.
Fuck violence, let it be heard.
You know and I know your life is so much more.
Track Name: Laura (feat. Jiri Vosahlik of Suffocate With Your Fame)
Take another sip all alone
Leave me here to rot let me go
There is something you can never know
about me unless I show you
Take another sip of black joe
leave me in the circle and go
Cause there are stories untold
about me that you don't wanna unfold
You wanna set me free
I guess I'll see you under the sycamore tree
Now it feels like I'm slipping away
I can't find my way through the day
And it feels like I'm slipping away
I can't find my way through the day
There is a presence surrounding me
As evil as evil can be
There is a demon in the woods
it's gonna eat my soul
I've been following the mighty Black Foot
Finding the traces deep in the dark
I found myself in the middle of Ghostwood
where time and space fell to shards
Now it feels like I'm slipping away
I can't find my way through the day
And it feels like I'm slipping away
I can't find my way through the day
There is a presence surrounding me
As evil as evil can be
There is a demon in the woods
it's gonna eat my soul
Let's go
Oh, you wanna set me free
I guess I'll see you under the sycamore tree
Oh, I've given up on everything
My only wish is: fire walk with me.
Track Name: Theresa
Home, I am going home. I like you all but I wanna be alone.
No, you will never know, these lips are sealed and I am on my own.
You live in a castle when I am down in the streets.
You'd like to wrestle when I'm just looking for peace.
You've got your road tidy, I've got nothing at all.
Don't try to find me, I'm behind the wall.
Life, mine's as sharp as a knife. Gets into the brain and starts a strife.
Love, you're sent from above. Cut me deep with a plastic glove.
You're born, you spend your childhood trying to figure out the world.
Just to find out that what is, may be the worst
possible outcome of this neverending curse.
Is this a meaning place? Is there a cure?
Track Name: Glue
In the summer of 89, I first saw the face of the Earth.
As every mother bears a child, she was the one who gave me birth.
Some things can never be repeated.
This love can never be defeated.
So, what it means to me, I can never turn away.
And I couldn't care less if your hair ever turns grey.
Know you are family. We are here to fucking stay.
My man, my icon, my strings, my microphone.
My mentor and only judge. Well, the only one I ever cared about.
This love will never be defeated.
All these roads and all these places leave me running back to you.
And if I ever was unfaithful, now I stick to you like glue.

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