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Vojtěch Rydlo
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Vojtěch Rydlo The best Czech hardcore band! Great EP Favorite track: Lost.
Jakub Johanides
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Jakub Johanides One of the best Czech hardcore/punkrock band. Live show is thrashing. Fried chickens on stage, cucumbers, potatoes. Favorite track: Honesty feat. STOLAC | Just For Being.
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released December 21, 2012


all rights reserved




Post-hardcore outlet combining heavy riffs, crushing breakdowns, and sweet melodies with honest and personal lyricism.

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Track Name: 8.47
This one goes to all of you
who never think things through,
if hardcore is open-minded
then what the fuck are you trying to pull?

No more rules, no control,
leave the shows with your patrols,
we're open to all people,
your dogma is pure evil. let's go.
Track Name: Lost
I'm sick of you, sick of all the things you do
Look at me, this is more than a point of view
We've all made our mistakes,
Some learn, some relive the past,
but when I see you i tell myself we could've never been friends

I don't ask why, cause I don't wanna know
Your actions speak, your actions only show
that youre waiting, waiting for something
You have lost long ago.

One day there'll be no parties,
The smoke clears, and you will see
You've never had any true friends
and you'll be left with enemies
Track Name: Fraud
This is a story of an everyday fraud,
one we all know but shall never be told
People I trust turn their backs and run away
You chose your way to be forever enslaved

You shut the gate of the city that's grey
Burn, Babylon, burn. (3x)
I wash my soles of you because you want me to.

Never again,
never ever never do I wanna see you again,
you're not my friends,
you seek forgivness, then say that you're sorry.

Never again,
never ever do I wanna go thru it again,
wanna break these chains,
redemption comes but through the sins that you carry.

And I don't mean to say I hate you
but I am not going to follow your path
Stay in the grey or keep in the dark
you keep that Babylon, and I'll carry on

But when the time runs out, tell us who will be the last (who will be the last / to see right through)
Track Name: Truthers (& skit by KRUDANZE | Crystal Kidz)
It is way too simple to just say that you are right,
take over others' lives and never scrutinize.

It's not OK
and you're to blame
cuz you can choose
you can refuse.

Go ahead and question your faith,
Go ahead and question everything you've always believed in.

It is way too easy to sit down and claim the throne,
believe only in yourself, shut eyes to everything else

It's not all right,
we've got to fight,
when someone tries
to crack the lies.

Why do you think that you're a man of faith, (you've) never learnt anything?
There is no thuth except the one that sets me free, (and) I wanna see, I wanna see!
Track Name: Miners´ Song
The tough morning,
the grief-filled house,
a field left
half ploughed up.

The whole life is the shift,
the work - the price,
a rock hits you,
you leave a wife, behind.

The furrow has been dragged for the last time.
The furrow / the furrow, has been dragged.
The furrow has been dragged for the last time.
The furrow / the furrow, for the last (time).

A miner got killed
fright tightens the throat,
as life rolls like a river
over the hearts that went cold.

The whole life is a moment,
but a shift in a big assingment,
one's scream is but a moan
that softly fades away.
Track Name: Chicken Matrix feat. xGFMx (& skit by SMOG)
Trapped in cages, dying by millions,
and never set free.
Life equals pain and suffering
and misery.

And you want something better,
better for yourselves,
but never gave a fuck 'bout
anyone else.

So I guess it's always better,
to rest unconscious and never
know that I have life to live here,
just like I never existed.

Where is logic when you keep an
animal unconscious.
You wanna keep it from pain,
then set it free you fuckheads.

blut an den wänden eingesperrt in cages
kein verständnis die gesellschaft verdrängt es
freiheit bleibt utopie leben wie im gefängnis
gesichter ängstlich situation brenzlich
der staat versteckt sich faßaden bleiben häßlich
die ignoranz verletzt mich zustände dreckig
eure taten sind und bleiben vergänglich
die zeichen der zeit der mensch er erkennts nicht

otto normal ist zu dumm um einzusehen
er ist blind und kann das leid nicht sehen
die augen fest verschloßen vor der wahrheit
erklär mir wie kann man nicht vegan sein
wie kann man jeden tag leichen fressen
das muss doch scheiße schmecken
es wird zeit zu checken vegan ist king
und die menschenmaßen pilgern
in vegane läden und zu attila hildmann
Track Name: Honesty feat. STOLAC | Just For Being
Somebody told me truth was a burden,
was that Jesus or was that you?
How did he end up and how do we end up,
so unpredictable.

I keep deleting, yet keep repeating
all the worst, but now i see,
I can't keep hiding, cuz theres no fighting
for myself without honesty.

...and when the truth comes out

Stop running away,
making mistakes,

Leave the past in the past,
build something that lasts,
I'll be waiting.

I'm the worst person you will know,
get close and time will show,
I just keep lying to myself,
you're better off on your own

Stop running away,
making mistakes,

Leave the past in the past,
build something that lasts,
I'll be waiting.

I'm afraid of the truth,
I can't even move,
stuck in one place,

keep singing for you
with nothing to lose
but my own face.

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